Managed Services

Achieve optimal performance in your operation with our Managed Service support

Your security matters.

We support your teams in the daily business of running SAP systems to compensate any bottlenecks and ensure business continuity.

SecTune also supports your company remotely through Managed Security Services.

Within this scenario, experienced consultants connect to your SAP systems and help you with complicated tasks or the daily management of time-intensive tasks.

We support you in authorization management

Periodic quick audits

At regular intervals, we check your SAP users and authorizations for single critical authorizations and segregation of duties conflicts.

SAP System Security

We check your SAP deployment for critical events and security settings and recommend improvements..

Continuous authorization management

We support you in the daily management of users and authorizations of your SAP systems.

extended workbench

In case of resource bottlenecks in your SAP authorization team, we are your extended workbench.

SAP Security and Authorization experts – SAP Security und Berechtigungsexperten

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